Satakunta Testbed

More than 10 years of testbed operations in Satakunta

The Satakunta region has a long tradition of developing and testing health and welfare technologies. The operations started in 2008 with the Living Lab concept, which was nominated as a finalist in the European Commission’s RegioStars 2013 competition in the category of social innovation. In Satakunta, technology development services are provided by, for example, the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK), the business development company Prizztech Ltd, the secondary education institutions WinNova and Sataedu, and Satakunta’s primary health care and specialised medical care centres.

Satakunta Testbed – Unified testing services for technological innovations in Satakunta

With the launch of the Satakunta Testbed project, which is funded by the Regional Council of Satakunta, testbed operations and testing-related practices and documentation have been harmonised, and the operations have been developed on a “one-stop-shop” basis. With these improvements, Satakunta Testbed is able to provide higher-quality and more consistent services and more diverse testing environments to companies and organisations operating in the social welfare and healthcare sectors.

The aim of the Satakunta Testbed project is to increase cooperation with national and international networks and to promote the internationalisation of Satakunta-based companies and the activities of international companies in Satakunta.

The Satakunta Testbed project will include the compilation of an extensive directory of available health and wellbeing technology services. The aim of the directory is to help consumers and social welfare and healthcare professionals to quickly and easily find suitable technological solutions to meet their needs.

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