Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)

The Satakunta University of Applied Sciences offers a wide range of simulation environments that are great for product testing, especially when a product is not yet ready to be tested in a real customer environment.

The simulation centre includes facilities that simulate authentic healthcare and home-like environments. Companies can use the facilities under supervision or have students carry out the testing.Explore the facilities on a virtual tour.

Companies can bring their products to SAMK’s simulation facilities (Kokeilimo) for demonstration and testing. In this way, they can get feedback and suggestions for improvement, as well as gain visibility for their product. Read more (in Finnish)

RoboAI’s joint-use laboratory provides opportunities for technology and application development with the help of experts, students, and modern equipment. The laboratory equipment can be used, for example, to pilot production processes or to design prototypes:

Products can also be tested and developed as part of various study units or a thesis. In addition, SAMK has
extensive expertise in healthcare data analytics and the use of data pools. Read more