Satakunta Testbed Services

Satakunta Testbed provides services to businesses and social and health care operators. The aim is to help companies in product development and social and healthcare operators to solve practical challenges with the help of technology. Companies can approach Satakunta Testbed at any stage of product development. A new business or product idea may need sparring from professionals, the usability of a prototype can be evaluated and finished products can be tested in a real clinical environment. To address the challenges faced by healthcare providers, suitable technologies can be identified and tested. In addition, Satakunta Testbed maintains a service directory of technology solutions, which enables healthcare providers and consumers to search for solutions on the market.

If you would like to have your product or service tested, please contact us using the form on the Contact page. We process these contacts approximately once a month. We will select the most suitable testing site from our extensive network and work out a testing plan with you. We will also prepare the necessary permits and contracts. We coordinate the testing, collect feedback and report back. We aim to make testing easy for both companies and testers. We are systematic in our approach and aim to produce information that can be used to make real improvements. If you or your work community would like to become a tester, please contact a testbed operator.

Health technology service directory