Prizztech Ltd

Prizztech promotes networking activities between technology companies
and local social welfare and healthcare actors in the development of health and welfare technologies.

Prizztech has more than ten years of experience in the development of user-driven technological innovations in the health and social sectors. The company has implemented collaborative pilots using, for example, the Living Lab operating model, where actual end users help test and develop new technology solutions in real-life contexts. The operating model was nominated as a finalist in the European Union’s RegioStars 2013 competition in the category of social innovation.

Technologies can be tested in a variety of health and social environments according to the needs of technology companies. We also help social welfare and healthcare organisations find suitable technology solutions for everyday challenges and various development needs. In addition to piloting services, Prizztech Ltd also provides business development services.

In the Satakunta Testbed project, Prizztech Ltd is in charge of developing a service directory of health and welfare technology solutions, where developers can present their technology services, and where organisations and individuals operating in the social and health sectors can explore the available technologies.