LudoFit exergame platform

LudoFit is an experiential strength and balance exercise program developed by the Canadian company Jintronix Ltd. The exercise program aims to target postural awareness, hip strength, static and dynamic standing balance, core activation and cardio through interaction with the videogames. The player can “ski the Alps”, “Thai rock climb”, compete in “Tour de France” and challenge themselves in “New Zealand rolling”. All that is required is a computer with a webcam, access to the internet and the LudoFit platform.

In spring 2023, two healthy individuals from Luodon Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys ry (Luoto Allotment Garden Association) and ten employees of the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences received access to the platform on their own computer devices at home. They were instructed to test the platform within their homes and according to their own time availability and personal interest. At the end of the testing period, they were asked to provide feedback by answering a questionnaire.

Test results

Six persons answered the feedback questionnaire. During the four weeks testing period, five participants used LudoFit platform 2-3 times in total, and one participant used it 1-2 times per week. All participants found the functions of the platform well-integrated; they would imagine that most people could learn to use the platform very quickly and they felt confident using the platform. Nobody found the platform unnecessarily complex, nobody thought there was too much inconsistency in the platform nor it being very cumbersome to use. All but one participant believed they could use the platform somewhat on a regular basis. One participant found the platform difficult to use and one participant somewhat agreed that they had to learn a lot of things before they could get going with the platform.

The features that were especially liked by participants referred to the playful physical activation and continuous motivation, motivating elements in the games, the possibility to continue the game despite failure, suitability for children, interactivity, and smooth functioning of the platform/games. The participants also noted that body movements are reliably considered, the platform being exciting and fun. In addition, a variety of games was admired as well as the possibility to play while seated, e.g., in a wheelchair.

Development ideas

Some of the challenges that the participants encountered were inaccurate movement tracking with certain movements becoming “stuck in some turns” and slow game responses. To one participant the tracks were easy as the person is used to playing videogames, and for another one the cycling game seemed too fast. Lack of Finnish language option was mentioned, especially If the platform was introduced to the social and health care sector in Finland.

Generally, the platform was found to offer versatile physical games. One suggestion was to further develop the visualization of one’s own progress to make it easier to read.

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Text: Anja Poberznik