Education and research in welfare technology in the Netherlands

In May 2022, Satakunta Testbed visited Graafschap College in the town of Doetinchem in Holland to learn how Holland uses health and wellbeing technologies in teaching, research and nursing.

Marloes Postel, PhD at Saxion University of Applied Sciences presented her research group’s activities and the new framework for the applying wellness technology, which will be published shortly.

A representative of the Naast organization said the InBeeld app aims to improve and accelerate the service received by cardiovascular and COPD patients. Information was collected on customers’ wellbeing both with connected devices at home and their own experiences. The data was available in real time to healthcare professionals who responded to system alerts when needed. The customer could also request to be contacted through the system. The development of this activity involves healthcare professionals at every level and it is planned to be extended to other customer groups.

We also explored the simulation and virtual learning environments of Graafschap College. Students could set up an appointment for when they wanted to practice in simulation rooms and the practice started with the design of the procedure, in which the student him/herself assembled the necessary supplies from the grooming cabinets. There were dozens of simulation dolls, as the school has a lot of students.

Also in Graafschap, learning is supported by electronic learning environments. Diverse cases had been created in electronic learning environments, which were solved by students using technology, for example.

In total, the same challenges and the same opportunities in Finland and Holland were identified in the use of technology in both nursing and teaching. Potential joint projects and sharing of materials were also discussed.

Very rewarding and expansive networking!