Academy of Technology and Care (TZA) to support technology deployment

The challenges of technology deployment have also been identified in Holland and a network of welfare technology ambassadors has been established to help.

TZA is a technology training and lending centre operated by municipalities and welfare service providers in six Dutch provinces. The Centre has a wide range of welfare technology. Health and social service professionals can visit the technology centre, get acquainted with the technology and borrow equipment to their unit.

Feedback on devices and their usability and usefulness is also systematically collected from professionals. Feedback is used when assessing the application of the device to national substitutability. In addition, feedback is collected by technology companies to support development.

To facilitate the adoption of technology, TZA has formed a network of technology ambassadors in the region’s health and social service organizations. Technology ambassadors are healthcare professionals who are enthusiastic about technology. TZA organizes training and group discussions for them to promote the adoption of technology.

Sometimes the health and social services professionals are in contact with the TZA for some problem. In this case, TZA provides customized support and together they will consider what kind of technology could be used to solve the problem.

We explored TZA’s operating model and facilities in the magnificent old Civon Smart Business Centre. Some of the products on display were the same as those tested in Satakunta Testbed and found in Satakunta simulation environments, but many were also products that were unknown to us. Fortunately, in the virtual environment of TZA’s website, we can learn more about the products, as we didn’t have time to test all the products. Perhaps they can also be offered as a solution to the health and social service challenges in Satakunta.

Civon Smart Business Centre is also actively used by schoolchildren. The place is an ideal environment to get acquainted with technology in practice. Schoolchildren visit to learn, say, drones flight paths coding or 3D printing. At the same time, children get acquainted with welfare technology already during school hours. Here we would have some lessons to learn and maybe copy.